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Enough is enough!  Your tile is cracked, the counter tops are scratched, your space is cramped. In short, you just don’t enjoy being in your kitchen anymore. Let’s talk about an upgrade!

At Building EdLacer, we’re passionate about helping to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Getting Started!

During our very first conversation with you, we’ll ask you to give us your vision and a ballpark estimate of what you plan to invest in your kitchen redesign. From there, we will give an estimated cost and determine how to proceed. As your general contractor, we do everything possible to ensure the final cost falls within your initial estimated range! The exception to this would be any unforeseen situations affecting the structure and function of your home. Things like mold, rotten wood, faulty plumbing or electrical – are typically hidden until a remodel gives you reason to knock holes in your walls and really see what’s going on.  If these situations should arise during your project, rest assured that we will walk through each step of the process with you and be in continuous communication regarding process, time, and cost.

The time frame for a full kitchen remodel is 5-6 weeks and allows for measuring, ordering, modifying electrical connections, etc..  Time can fluctuate depending on availability of things like materials, fixtures, and appliances.


Questions to consider regarding your counter tops/kitchen remodel

Are you looking for a short-term or long-term solution?

*If you’re looking for a short-term (or even rental property) fix, we will guide you through some options that will give you the look and functionality you want without the price tag you don’t.
*For longer-term solutions, we’ll show you options that will be more durable and sturdy, built to withstand daily use for many years to come.

Do you want to upgrade for yourself, or are you planning to sell?

*If you’re staying, your upgrade may not add a lot of monetary value to your home, but the value will come in the form of you having the kitchen you want and using it daily for years to come!
*If you want to sell your house, we can work with you to increase the dollar value of your home. Things like quality tile, cabinetry, appliances, and counter tops all contribute to a higher asking price.

Keep in mind that you will need quality, sturdy cabinetry to support a custom counter top!  Placing a heavy new counter top on your old cabinets could be a recipe for disaster, as older cabinets may not have the integrity to support your new stone layout. We will show you a variety of options and work to ensure the quality and appearance of your cabinets support your lifestyle.


Counter Top Material

In selecting counter top materials, below are a few things to consider about some of the most common materials, quartz, granite, and marble.  These are some general considerations, but we are happy to talk with you about more specifics!
Quartz is durable, withstands heat well, and requires no additional or regular maintenance.
Granite is a little more expensive, requires a little more maintenance, but is durable and will withstand extreme temperatures.
As the most expensive of the “big three”, marble is the most beautiful, but is very soft. If you are doing a lot of cooking and your kitchen sees a lot of activity, marble is not your best option as it isn’t very hearty and won’t stand up to a lot of activity.

*We generally recommend natural stone because we prefer its appearance and functionality. We are more than happy to help you make an informed decision on material, style, and maintenance of your new counter top!

If you’re set on stone, you may decide to follow in the footsteps of some of our clients and match your bathroom to your kitchen!  The bathroom upgrade typically takes 3-4 weeks, with a lot of that time waiting on things like glass, fixtures, etc.  As an add-on to your kitchen redesign, we will combine some of the project expense.


Quality and Integrity

We realize you are inviting us into your home, trusting us to give you accurate guidance and provide quality labor, and spending at least a few weeks with us in your “personal” space.  All these factors mean that we work extra hard to honor that trust and provide you with information and labor that results in what you want your home to be, both functionally and visually.  We value quality work and communication most and strive to provide both to every one of our clients.

Building EdLacer will never “cut corners” when we can go the extra mile.  We will never sacrifice integrity for convenience.  We will never approach your project with a “less-is-more” attitude when it comes to the quality of our work!

Give us a call and let’s turn your kitchen into your new happy place!